Sign Condition & Reflectivity Survey

Understanding your highway signing asset condition is becoming more and more important with the drive to de-illuminate and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

SLDS have a wide scope of experience in the survey of highway sign assets and have undertaken various inspections for both Highways England and local authority clients.

Sign Face Retro-Reflectivity and Condition

Understanding the sign face retroreflective properties can be key in the decision to de-illuminate or replace an existing sign face. Our survey team have a wide range of experience with most types of sign material and can undertake all required aspects to measure the retroreflectivity of the face and assess the general condition of the face and backing material.

All retroreflectivity surveys are in accordance with CS-125 (formally TD-25/15) to ensure conformance with Highways England standards.

Post and Foundation Visual Inspection

As part of a general sign face inspection we would typically report on any visible defects relating to the post, fixings and foundation.

All inspection would be recorded using proprietary data collection software and additionally if required we can also utilise GPS position hardware which typically gives location accuracy sub 300mm.