Tunnel Lighting

Highway tunnels provide a unique challenge for the designer, as understanding daytime illumination requirements is possibly more important than night time requirements.

The exterior environment and construction materials, orientation of the tunnel, planting and foliage, traffic speed, internal construction materials and road surface all have a significant influence on the interior lighting. All factors must be considered to allow the development of a safe and fit for purpose lighting solution.

Our specialist team offer an independent design service working in line with current lighting standards and best practice guidance on existing or new structures. We will manage the lighting electrical and control design elements of the specification, ensuring developed schemes are effective, efficient, sustainable and maintainable additionally we can develop energy management strategies.

We can carry out full site surveys and review existing luminaire installations both in terms of performance, maintenance history and energy consumption and provide effective solutions utilising the latest technology to offer compliant design with a strong emphasis on performance equally matched by energy reduction.

Our designs methods consider fast fix installation methods for new installations or viable conversion methods for existing installations with all aspects from fixings, electrolytic corrosions and electrical termination methods considered.

We can also evaluate and assist with the procurement and specification of bespoke tunnel control systems providing impartial evaluation of available options considering installation methodologies and maintenance liability, as well as assisting with development of control strategies.

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