Sports Lighting

The lighting of sports pitches and multi-use games areas MUGA and skate parks all offer very different challenges. Understanding the various different lighting levels required for different activities and environmental constraints these schemes invariably come with is key to the delivery of safe, maintainable and sustainable lighting solutions as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

Stainton Lighting design Services Ltd (SLDS) have broad experience in the delivery of lighting solutions for outdoor sports, games, and leisure activities, offering a turn key design and specification service which can see your project from initial planning acceptance through to site commissioning.

We achieve this by offering an independent experienced design team who can undertake all the following key stages of this type of project, input into outline planning, Lighting Impact Assessments, preliminary lighting, electrical and control design, detailed design and specification, budget estimates, production of tender documentation, technical assistance with delivery of project on site, scheme commissioning and site inspection prior to handover by the contractor.