Public Open Spaces, Car Park and Amenity Area Lighting

As a specialist exterior lighting consultancy, we have provided lighting and electrical design services for a wide range of projects which would form a public open space. This type of scheme often comes with unique challenges, and as we provide electrical expertise, we often deal with non-lighting electrical infrastructure such as event or market power supplies, car charging and decorative features.

An excellent example of this would be Stockton High Street where we were responsible for the highway lighting and electrical design, undertaking lighting electrical and infrastructure design for a number of decorative features and an extensive festive decoration scheme both are controlled from a DMX network designed and commissioned by SLDS.

Additionally SLDS also took responsibility for the design and specification of two large event supplies, consisting of over 25 market supply points and the infrastructure for two fast charge car charge points.

Public parks often require engineering competencies alongside the artistic approach necessary to obtain the desired results. Two examples of projects SLDS have been responsible for would be South Marine Park in South Shields and Pannett Park in Whitby.

We also have experience working in dark sky’s environments where we have undertaken designs for car parking and movement lighting for Northumberland County Council and a number of caravan parks. Currently we are assisting a national park client in developing a grant funding system and typical specification to help them with their dark sky’s initiatives.