Many exterior lighting projects also require the lighting designer to undertake electrical design associated with the project.

SLDS have a team of highly experienced electrical designers who have a wide range of experience in the delivery of efficient and compliant electrical design. We have undertaken design as part of a whole lighting and electrical design commission and also as a separate item supporting companies who do not have access to specialist electrical design services.

The majority of exterior lighting projects require electrical design and specification typically utilising standalone single and three phase supply points. SLDS are well placed to provide this service and have experience in electrical design associated with highway lighting schemes, decorative or architectural lighting projects, amenity lighting, exterior event supplies, exterior market supplies, infrastructure for fast car charging, low voltage solutions and power supplies for communication schemes.

Some of the more challenging electrical design schemes we have undertaken are Newport Bridge and Infinity Bridge, Stockton; M62 Junction 21 to 25; Stockton High Street and Durham Castle and Cathedral. The Durham Castle and Cathedral scheme in particular offered challenges as the whole site Is a World Heritage Site and we were not allowed to affect the fabric of the building, additionally we had to provide a new cable route through the historically sensitive graveyard area of the grounds.

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