Architectural Lighting

SLDS are an award-winning designer of architectural lighting projects having won local and national recognition for the delivery of visually stunning architectural lighting schemes.

Architectural lighting covers many aspects as we have detailed below.


The decorative lighting of buildings requires the designer to take account of a number of environmental and architectural constraints. This has been demonstrated in various projects we have been involved in, most recently the World Heritage sites of Durham Castle and Cathedral.

Major Structures 

There is a great deal of expertise within the company in the difficult illumination of major structures such as steel framed bridges. This is evidenced by our work on the award-winning Queen Alexandra Bridge and the Wearmouth Bridge both located in Sunderland. Recently we undertook a major relight of Newport Bridge, Stockton installing a dynamic LED colour change scheme, this provided a link with the first six local authority bridges over the river tees all decoratively illuminated, SLDS staff were involved in the lighting and or electrical design of all six bridges.

Artwork Illumination

We have been involved in the decorative lighting of a number of prestige pieces of public art. This offers its own challenges as it is necessary to consider the engineering challenges, sustainability and the artist’s concept. The provision of lighting to public art has similar challenges to any installation, being robust sustainable and easily maintainable but often has small budgets but large aspirations creating a unique challenge.