Cenotaph, Middlesbrough

The Cenotaph is located in Middlesbrough adjacent to Linthorpe Road, the main shopping and access road into the town centre.

The existing lighting column are cast iron, which had been gas lighting then adapted to take electric lighting. The existing columns could not accommodate any electrical equipment and the electrical control gear was housed in a functional mini feeder pillar adjacent to each unit. As part of the refurbishment of the columns a door opening was formed in the columns to enable the removal of the unsightly individual pillars.

Due to the relatively low 4m mounting height of the columns, to achieve the required illuminance level and improve the quality and uniformity of the lighting we specified a special decorative twin bracket and replacement of the single 150 watt high pressure sodium lanterns with twin lanterns fitted with 60watt Cosmopolis lamp. This provided a calculated illuminance level of 23lux in accordance with BS 5489 class CE2 however due to the mounting height constraints it was not possible to achieve the required uniformity.

The replacement lanterns provided a small energy saving with a increased performance and a reduction in glare.

The bracket design allowed for a mounting plate for the 4 No columns adjacent to the Cenotaph to mount a narrow beam 35 watt CDM-R mini floodlight to pick out some important detail at the top edge of the Cenotaph as shape and form of the structure meant it could not be fully illuminated by the inground units.

The main floodlighting of the Cenotaph was carried out utilizing 6 No adjustable beam inground luminaires incorporating a 70 watt CDM lamp with asymmetric reflector.

The luminaires were installed into the granite blocks surrounding the Cenotaph by specialist stone cutting service to ensure the fittings blended in with the feature stone work. We were given the constraints that the units had to be clear of the entrance and sited in a symmetrical arrangement around the cenotaph with a detailed night trial determining the final arrangement.

The original scheme allowed for separate illumination of the memorial wall however this was removed from the scheme due to lack of funding. Fortunately we were able to react to this set back by relocating two or the proposed columns into a location to utilize the back light for the wall. Given that we were unable to undertake a trial of this solution we are very happy with the end result.

The total load of the scheme is 1.4 kw inclusive of control gear losses (area lighting 800watts, floodlighting 600 watts) with a energy cost of approximately £90 for the floodlighting and £250 for the area lighting per annum.

Also the cost of the lighting equipment was under £8000.

The completed scheme provides an interesting focal point when darkness falls with the Memorial gently bathed in white light respecting the detail and purpose of the Cenotaph with the newly landscaped surroundings lit with a slightly contrasting warmer white light giving a pleasant and comfortable night-time environment.

The Cenotaph refurbishment and pedestrianisation was designed by Middlesbrough Borough Council.