M62 Junction 22 Saddleworth Moor to Junction 25 Brighouse

We provided lighting and electrical design and technical resource to Halcrow with regard to the relighting of over 20 kilometers of the M62 Junction 22 Saddleworth Moor to Junction 25 Brighouse.

This scheme incorporates the highest point of any motorway in England and is a particular hostile environment.

The environment and topography of the site posed many engineering and design challenges for the design team to overcome, working in close partnership with Halcrow and the client the scheme was delivered in three phases finishing in 2012.

All of the equipment with the exception of 600w lanterns is fully controllable via a CMS system and we promoted the use of dimming to standard in our design proposals.

The scheme incorporates nearly 1200 columns with in excess of 30 variants, considering the complexity of this particular area with viaducts multiple high voltage lines and a number of underpasses we only required one departure from standards relating to the lighting design.