M1 CDF LED Scheme

Working in partnership Kier Group we provide asset management and design services for Highways England on their East Midland Asset Delivery Contract in Area 7.

As part of the Carbon Designated Funds Project we have recently completed a design of a lighting upgrade on a section of the M1 Motorway in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, additionally we oversaw the installation and commissioning of the project.

The scheme covers a section of the Smart Motorway stretching approximately 24 kilometres and incorporates 1,254 new lanterns. The main carriageway is 4 lanes wide with additional 2 lane merges and Tiger Tails at junctions. The existing lighting comprised of 400 Watt SON luminaires in an opposite arrangement with 2 x 400 Watt SON luminaires mounted on bull horns at the tiger tail locations of the junctions.

Highways England’s remit was to maintain the existing columns and retrofit LED luminaires to replace the SON lighting whilst removing the Bull Horn brackets which had been problematic with rotating during heavy winds.

We undertook the design using Signify’s Luma lanterns to achieve the required M3 Classification whilst ensuring the glare classification of the lantern was G3 and above. At the junction locations, where the Luma lantern could not meet the required standards we utilised Urbis’ OMNIStar lanterns on a Cross Arm bracket to achieve the required luminance and uniformities.

The design of the scheme incorporated warm light 3000 Kelvin LEDs to provide an enhanced driving experience that removes the harsh white light seen with Cool or Neutral White LEDs.

Where lighting was installed alongside residential properties Back Light Control was also utilised to eradicate light intrusion from the neighbouring properties.

In addition to the energy reduction provided by the LED lantern conversion a CMS system was installed to dim the lanterns to standard and this currently achieves energy savings in excess of 30%. It is intended to use the CMS to achieve further energy savings by dimming the lighting to M4 when traffic flow allows.