Wilf Newall

Wilf Newall

Wilf started his career at Sunderland City Council as a Trainee Lighting Technician before joining Gateshead MBC as a Technician, returning to Sunderland City as a Deputy Lighting Engineer, who then moved on to become Street Lighting Manager for which he was responsible for a full team of lighting professionals to deliver the street lighting service and successful major Seaburn and Roker Illuminations project.

Having spent almost 25 years in Local Government he was transferred to Balfour Beatty Power Networks under TUPE transfer arrangements where he took up the position of Design and Technical Manager responsible for delivering the P.F.I. street lighting contract for almost 3 years, which included the replacement of 35000 redundant street lighting units as part of the Core Investment Programme.

He returned to Durham County Council to take up a position as County Lighting Manager in the Technical Services Section, where he was responsible for the delivery of capital works, maintenance, energy, policy and budgets.

During his tenure with Durham he procured and delivered the Street Lighting Energy Reduction Project valued at over £26m over six years which commenced in 2012/13 and included the retrofitting of approximately 42000 units.

He also represented the Northern Region, a Chair of ADEPT (previously County Surveyors Society), for 9 years which included meeting quarterly with the regions lighting professionals to share,  liaise and review all relative subjects and within the lighting profession, which also included meeting with the National ADEPT at Transport for London to review and discuss the Lighting Industry nationally.

Following restructure at Durham, Wilf commenced working at SLDS as a Consultant Engineer in 2015.

Wilf is registered as an Incorporated Engineer and is a corporate member of the Institute of Lighting Professionals.