South Marine Park

The park is located on the seafront in South Shields and was first opened in 1890, it has been popular with local residents and visitors for over a hundred years.

The lighting brief was to remove the time expired existing footpath lighting and replace it with a suitable solution in keeping with the park and its surroundings. Bespoke stainless steel columns, incorporating a special bracket with the facility for a sail type banner, were specified to give a nautical feel to the lighting. In conjunction with the footpath lighting the pedestal mounted luminaires located on stone pillars were also refurbished/replaced with period luminaires.

To take advantage of the excellent colour rendering a white light source was utilised throughout the park to bring to life the features of the landscaping and planting which was an integral part of the park refurbishment.

On the terrace low mounting height fittings were utilised to provide a low level of background lighting as a back drop to allow the feature lighting of the statue nymphs and waterfall to have maximum impact. Low level bollards and recessed luminaires were installed in the refurbished sandstone pillars forming part of the terrace balustrade wall to achieve this effect.

To add interest to the waterfall the pool and waterfall are illuminated by an LED colour change lighting system which incorporates an interactive interface in the form of six small hand prints. Each time a hand is placed on or near to the coloured hand print it sets a colour scene on the waterfall which after a set time reverts back to a pre-set sequence of colour change, until another hand print is touched. It was our intention to install a system which would appeal to every generation and the system has proved very popular with young children and their parents alike.

The stonework and foliage surrounding the waterfall is illuminated by a white light source, which is intended to show the true colours of the waterfall surroundings whilst enhancing the effect of the colour change scheme to the waterfall.

As the original bandstand was being meticulously recreated from historic photographs, our challenge was to replicate the festoon tungsten lighting which was installed on the original structure with a low maintenance, sustainable and energy efficient lighting solution. This was achieved by the use of a low voltage xenon festoon lighting system. There was also a requirement for the internal lighting together with a small power supply for use by visiting bands.

The lighting around the lakeside provides an interesting pallet of colourful reflections with the illuminated bandstand framed in the middle of the park.

All lighting within the scheme has a high efficacy making it energy efficient with a low carbon footprint.

The scheme won the Public Lighting Category in the Local Government News Street Design Awards 2009