About Us

Here at Stainton Lighting Design Services (SLDS), we specialise in lighting and electrical design associated with residential, industrial and decorative town centres to motorways and high mast lighting.

We have an extensive knowledge base within the practice and have worked on a wide range of lighting projects, including;

  • Local Authority lighting design.
  • Design for major highway projects.
  • Electrical design associated with exterior lighting projects.
  • Section 38 and 278 lighting designs.
  • Production of lighting plans, strategies and reports.
  • Contract specification and preparation.
  • Maintenance specification / management.
  • Energy management and reduction strategies.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Floodlighting for buildings, car parks and sports grounds.
  • Electrical testing and commissioning.
  • Sign design and traffic management.
  • Site supervision and commissioning.
  • Assistance with planning applications associated with exterior lighting.




We also have experience of decorative floodlighting and feature lighting for modern artwork, historic and contemporary buildings and large structures and bridges.

To view some of the projects we have been involved with please click here